Monday, 5 November 2012

Call Girls

I didn’t realize that the women that lived next door were Miami call girls, at least not when I first met them anyway. They looked like normal people to me and for some reason in my head my image of what call girls should look like did not fit Lisa and Simone.

They looked like…well the average girl next door!

They knocked on my door one day or at least Lisa did. It was a Saturday and I was watching a football game with a couple of friends so they were lucky that I heard the quiet knock over the noise we were making.

I opened the door and Lisa was standing there. She was very cute, long blonde hair, pretty smile and she caught my attention, and she certainly didn’t look like any of the call girls I had seen.

MIami Call Girls
Or at least the call girls I had seen pictured in the advertisements on the back of magazines and on the Internet. Those call girls all looked sexy and to me and a wee bit scary but Lisa was different she was someone that I wanted to get to know better.

She held out her hand and a cup, she said that she and her flat mate Simone had moved in next door to me and they were short of sugar for coffee, and asked if I could spare some.

I grabbed her some sugar, pleased that the heavy metal rocker that had lived next door had been replaced by this sweet looking woman, I wondered if Simone was as pretty as I closed the door and went back to the game.

I was to find out later that evening.

At about 6pm, when everyone had gone home I felt a bit down because my team had lost, there was another knock on the door and Lisa asked me if I wanted to join them next door for some take away pizza.

I joined them and met Simone, she had shoulder length mousy brown hair and wore glasses, she looked even less like the Miami call girls that I had imagined than Lisa did. I enjoyed talking to them and we had a laugh as we shared the pizza and a few beers.

It turned out that they were students at the same college that I went to but they were both in their final years whereas I was in my first.

After that first meeting we didn’t see each other a lot and I was so busy with my class load that it wasn’t until a friend of mine Sean from College came over one afternoon and started asking me about my neighbors.

I was puzzled, I couldn’t work out why he was so interested in Lisa and Simone and the fact that they lived next door to me. He asked me with a big smile on his face, when I told him that they were students at college, where I thought they got all of their money from.

I told him that I hadn’t really thought about it and he said that they were call girls. I just laughed I said to him that no way were Lisa and Simone call girls and that he must have been joking.

That was when he looked serious and shook his head. Where do you think that they get the money for the fancy cars that they drive, for their College fees and had I noticed the clothes that they wore?

Clothes I asked? Sean pointed out to me that they were often seen on campus dressed in heels, expensive going out kinds of dresses and never seemed to be without make-up.

He said again, they are call girls and laughed at the stunned look on my face. He left soon after and I could not stop thinking about what he had said about Lisa and Simone. Call girls? I shook my head and thought about them and thought no that couldn’t be possible.

But then I started to think a bit harder. I had assumed that their families had money and that was where the expensive cars had come from.

I thought about how they were always dressed very nicely in label clothing and I did hear them coming and going at all times of the day and night.

The other thing that bothered me was that they always seemed to be taking calls, they would answer the phone and then rush out soon after with something important to do.

I decided to ask them if they were call girls, after all they were now friends, surely they would be honest with me so I went next door and knocked, I was burning with curiosity.

Lisa answered the door in a robe and looked pleased to see me. I couldn’t wait till I was inside and I asked here there and then if she and Simone were call girls.

Lisa looked at me and laughed. She took my hand and said that they would just have to show me whether they were call girls or not and led me inside where Simone was sitting on the couch.